Rammstein is set to perform its first concert in Dresden today. The area around the concert venue at the Flood Plain already resembles a massive fortress. The capital city of Saxony faces the risk of descending into chaos this afternoon. We will keep you updated throughout the day on traffic restrictions, concert happenings, and the experiences of both fans and non-fans.

Rammstein’s “Row Zero” – New Podcast Explores Sex Recruitment Allegations

Coinciding with Rammstein’s concert kickoff in Dresden, NDR and Süddeutsche Zeitung have released a podcast titled “Rammstein – Row Zero.” The podcast delves into the stories of young women who claim to have been caught up in the sex recruitment system of world star Till Lindemann. Over four episodes, women from the “Row Zero” system speak in detail for the first time about their experiences with Till Lindemann and the band. The investigative team also reveals new details about how the system operates.

Deputy Mayor of Dresden: Diversity Benefits the City’s Image

Although the city of Dresden is not the organizer of the concerts, it welcomes the positive economic impact on the local economy. “We benefit from having a bustling city center. People are booking hotels and dining out,” Dresden’s Deputy Mayor for Economic Affairs, Jan Pratzka (CDU), told MDR. “After the COVID-19 crisis left our chairs and halls empty, this is wonderful.”

The plan was to create a venue in the Flood Plain where major concerts could be held. “It’s about having a vibrant concert culture in Dresden, with a variety of concerts happening this summer,” Pratzka said. “Diversity is good for the city’s image. You can hear everything from Dixieland to classical music, along with big, fantastic concerts.”

200,000 People Expected

In the coming days, over 200,000 Rammstein fans are expected to flock to Dresden’s Flood Plain. This number represents almost half of Dresden’s population.

Road Closures, Full Buses, Trains, and Parking Lots

The capital city and its residents and visitors face significant challenges until the end of the week. Many roads are closed, leading to traffic jams, detours, and crowded buses and trains. The Elbe Cycle Path and residential parking areas around the concert venue will also be partially closed, the city administration announced.