Just a month ago, Billie Eilish announced that new music was on the way, and now it has finally arrived. ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ showcases the maturity and sensitivity the artist has achieved by connecting with her deepest and most intimate self. This is her third studio album, following in the footsteps of ‘Happier Than Ever’, her 2021 project.

“It’s out now and I don’t know what to say… Finneas and I have put so much into this album and never ever have I wanted something so much. We hope you enjoy it a lot and see you on the other side,” Billie celebrated the release on her Instagram account.

Her fans have been more than satisfied with the release: “You’ve taken the world with a single bite,” “I don’t know if you understand how incredible this album is,” “This album made me realise that life is worth living.”

‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ consists of these 10 tracks:

  • ‘SKINNY’
  • ‘LUNCH’
  • ‘BLUE’

Some tracks are already standing out among her fan community, such as ‘THE GREATEST’. This song takes us back to the ‘Happier Than Ever’ era with its slow, ballad-like start. The track is about stopping the pursuit of acceptance and affection from others. Through the chorus, Eilish dubs herself “The Greatest” for realising this and recognising her true self-worth. As the song progresses, it breaks into a more rock style, symbolising a departure from past thinking. This isn’t a breakup song but a celebration of self-love and self-worth.

‘SKINNY’ has become another highlight of the album. Billie opens ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ with this anthem about physical image, where she explores themes of personal perception and fitting into society. It all hinges on how people view her body, discussing how her weight isn’t a reflection of herself and shouldn’t determine her happiness.

With her new project, Billie has faced her greatest fears, a fact she has shared while unveiling the album cover.

Her biggest fear since childhood has been water, as she has had traumatic experiences. “I’ve never suffered so much in a photoshoot,” Eilish began, “I’ve never experienced so much pain in my life. All for the photograph. That’s what they say about giving birth. It was 12 hours of horrible, agonising pain to get a wonderful cover that will last through time.”

The predominance of the colour blue in this new era has surprised the artist herself: “Blue has always been my least favourite colour, which is absurd because I had blue hair for many years.” Billie continued, explaining that “that colour was a hairdressing mistake, and she hated it.” However, she realised that she might have more in common with that colour than any other: “Blue represents my essence.”