Calvin Harris and Nelly Furtado took centre stage on Saturday, captivating the audience on the second night of the Tecate Emblema Festival in Mexico City. The event, which saw over 71,000 attendees, was filled with performances by renowned artists such as Lali, Anitta, and Nicki Nicole, alongside a bittersweet show from Christina Aguilera.

Harris emerged as the standout act of the night, despite much of the anticipation being directed towards Aguilera.

With a set that showcased his numerous collaborations with stars like Rihanna, Florence Welch, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, and Sam Smith (who had been the highlight of the previous day), as well as pure electronic music moments, the Scottish DJ and producer proved he has amassed enough hits to deliver a set where the audience danced and sang along non-stop. Harris seized the high energy to debut a new track, the title of which he did not reveal, asking the crowd to light up their mobile phones.

Aguilera was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated artists of the night but began her performance slightly late, which left the crowd impatient.

Her one-hour concert included several pauses where her dancers took centre stage to choreograph songs by other artists, such as “Villano Antillano: BZRP Music Sessions Vol. 51” by Bizarrap and Villano Antillano, while she stepped out for minor costume changes, adding stoles or coats that ultimately detracted from the show’s dynamism. Additionally, she sang only fragments of some songs, like “Pero me acuerdo de ti”, which created a disjointed rhythm, alternating between rushed and slowed moments.

Despite these issues, Aguilera managed to deliver special moments, particularly with “What a Girl Wants” from her 1999 debut album.

“My fans from day one have always shown me so much love, and I am so grateful, you have always shown me ‘What a Girl Wants’,” Aguilera said.

Furtado, on the other hand, was the dark horse of the lineup. The Canadian star performed before Aguilera, with many expecting only her classic hits like “I’m Like A Bird” and “Maneater”. However, she maintained a strong stage presence throughout her set, donning a striking red and black outfit that complemented her powerful vocal performance. With songs like “Eat Your Man” and “All Good Things (Come to an End)”, which she has released in recent years, Furtado demonstrated she has no plans to step away from the music scene. Furtado was thrilled to see the enthusiastic response from the audience.