Texas thrash metal outfit Power Trip has made a significant announcement regarding their comeback later this year, revealing a new vocalist. The news came as the band was confirmed to perform at the upcoming No Values festival in June in California.

In a heartfelt message shared on social media, the band opened up about the challenges they’ve faced over the past four years, particularly coping with the loss of their frontman, Riley Gale, in 2020. Reflecting on their journey since their last performance as Power Trip, the band members expressed their profound pain and grief, acknowledging the void left by Gale’s absence.

Despite the hardships, Power Trip emphasized their resilience, perseverance, and unwavering passion for music, which have always been the driving forces behind the band. They expressed gratitude for the steadfast support they’ve received from fans over the years, acknowledging that it’s time to return to the stage for those who’ve stood by them throughout their musical journey.

Power Trip then confirmed their participation in the No Values festival and announced that Seth Gilmore of Fugitive and Skourge would be stepping in as the vocalist for upcoming shows. While specific performance dates are yet to be announced, Gilmore had previously joined the band for five songs during a surprise gig in December last year, marking Power Trip’s first performance since Gale’s untimely passing.

The band’s decision to continue with Gilmore as their new vocalist signals a new chapter for Power Trip, as they navigate their way forward while honoring Gale’s memory and legacy.