Following this ingenious manoeuvre, several fans of the band took to social media to share that they had received letters from the fictional city at the heart of the band’s narrative, containing cryptic messages that sparked a variety of theories about the group’s new musical era.

On February 22, a video narrated by Tyler Joseph, the project’s lead vocalist, was released, confirming details about the story crafted in the previous three albums (Blurryface, Trench, and Scaled and Icy) and setting the stage for what’s to come.

This enthralling storytelling, through which Twenty One Pilots’ followers have forged a distinct identity, is further enriched by the appearance of Clancy (the story’s protagonist) and a new location on the map of the Trench Continent: the island of Voldsøy. It is here that Clancy is expected to bring his intriguing adventure to a close, unveiling the dark secrets yet to be uncovered.

Leveraging the band’s innate knack for building anticipation, they announced their new single on the evening of Wednesday, February 28. And today, February 29, they revealed the video for “Overcompensate,” the lead single from their sixth studio album titled Clancy.

Enjoy the video below:

Serving as an ode to the potent fusion of rap and rock that characterises Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the song captivates the listener. In its extended version, it features rapid drum beats, synthesizers, sampled voices, Tyler’s swift rhymes, and a pop chorus, where they even incorporate a word in Spanish.

Clancy will follow up on the 2021 album Scaled and Icy and will be released through the Fueled By Ramen label. Additionally, it will be available in CD, vinyl, and cassette formats, in special packaging and designs that are sure to heighten fans’ excitement. To pre-order, you can click here.