Desolated: “Disorder Of Mind” - EP Review

By Mark McConville
Oct 02, 2013

The Southampton metal hardcore quintet unleash their fourth EP release.

Desolated are warriors of brutality. Their sound is cascaded, showered in honesty and razor-sharp guitar breakdowns. The band that hail from Southampton, peel away at the walls of the music industry, adding their own beer soaked and lyric ridden wallpaper. Yeah their hard and fast, sharp and unapologetic, but that’s what makes them original.

Take a seat and put your earphones in, then wrestle with your inner demon, your inner scorn, your drastic mind. This is the type of music that will wobble your heart and deplete that crippling boredom. Desolated are on the right track, the train of barbarism is safe and sound.

The new EP is called ‘Disorder Of Mind’ and it does hit your cognition like a speeding cheetah, craving to feed. The EP starts with ‘Year Of The Snake’ which commences with screams that are high pitched enough to curdle the blood that leads to your already bouncing heart. This band are angry, and the guitars are angry too. ‘Death By My Side’ has some amazingly concise breakdowns and the bass lines are forceful. The hairs on your arms will stand proudly like a gang of weapon wielding Romans.

‘Suffering’ is strong hearted, bashful and far from generic. The guitars are chaotic, if you scratched them they would bleed, the drums are scintillating, battered with a hand that could crack a brick, quite literary. ‘Delusions’ is intense and frantic, the screams are volatile and thunderous, you will take a bow if your head is still in place.

Desolated are a band that you will listen to when you’re needing an infusion of something sinister.



Disorder Of Mind - Track Listing:

01 – Year of the Snake
02 – Death By My Side
03 – Suffering
04 – Strung Up
05 – Delusions

Desolated - Death By My Side - Official Video



The band are currently performing in Germany. 



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