Blackwolf, the hunt

BlackWolf: “The Hunt” -  album review

By Rosie Davis-Stokes
Feb 10, 2014

With a soulful hard edged rock sound, the British quintet unleash their debut album with force ,set for release on 2nd March.

The Hunt is BlackWolf’s first full length album, released on the 2nd of February; it has already created quite a buzz. This was the first time that I had ever heard of BlackWolf and I love it! Personally, I would say they resemble Guns ‘n’ Roses. Scott Sharp’s, husky and slightly rough voice, is reminiscent of Axl Rose and as for the incredible lead guitar, seemingly effortlessly, performed by John Greenhill is not a far cry from DJ Ashba’s work.

BlackWolf, describing themselves as ‘Soulful hard Rock n Roll’, will have you up on your feet air guitaring your rock and roll heart out by the first 30 seconds of their first track- ‘Stairway Ticket’. They play a type of rock that I think has been severely underappreciated recently, Black Wolf like to sing and play an older style of Rock and Roll which I, and I’m sure many others, have been missing. I hope that in future albums, which I’m certain there will be, this will also be the case.

Lyrically, the band is not like anything I’ve heard in a while but I think that’s really great! BlackWolf first caught my eye for that very reason and I think that it’s important for new bands to emulate what BlackWolf, amongst others, are doing; not singing about generic topics. BlackWolf aren’t your typical generic rock band but they also aren’t so far off the radar that they’ve created their own language. The way this band has constructed itself is perfect, lyrically and instrumentally. Where a lot of bands seem to struggle to find that balance of drums, bass and guitar, BlackWolf perfectly illustrate how it should be done. The band mash together so well creating something you want to listen to, dance to and sing along to.

BlackWolf have a big tour coming up this year where they shall be gigging in various places across the country alongside The Answer. If you haven’t already checked them out I suggest that you definitely do! You will not be disappointed. Also if you get the chance to see them live I know I wouldn’t miss it! 


The Hunt Tracklisting:

01.Mr Maker
02.Keep Moving On
03.Moving Mountains
04.Faith In Me
06.Only Said In Silence
07.House of Emerald Wine
08.Raised On The Sun
09.Black Hole Friend
10.Dragging Ghosts
13.Sea Of Mercy

Blackwolf - Mr Maker (Official Video)



22 |  The Exchange, Bristol
28 |  BBC Club, Cardiff

March: with The Answer

08 |  O2 Academy 2, Oxford
09 |  Sub 89, Reading
10 |  The Brook, Southampton
12 |  Phoenix, Exeter
13 |  White Rabbit, Plymouth
14 |  The Live Rooms, Chester
15 |  Sin City, Swansea
17 |  The Globe, Cardiff
18 |  Kasbah (formerly the Colosseum), Coventry
19 |  The Sugarmill, Stoke
20 |  O2 Academy, Liverpool

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