Devin townsend
By Alex May

Devin Townsend unveils track listing for ‘Ziltoid 2’.

Apr 16, 2014

Hevy Devy has announced a 'tentative' track listing for his upcoming Ziltoid/The Devin Townsend Project double album.

When Devin Townsend launched his direct-to-fan campaign with PledgeMusic to help get his new album ‘Casualties Of Cool’ off the ground in February nobody could of predicted how successful it turned out to be.

As of now, Dev has exceeded his initial target four times over and as promised all of the additional funds are going towards his other projects.

In addition to ‘Casualties Of Cool’ Dev will be releasing ‘Z2’, his follow up to ‘Ziltoid The Omniscient’,- which is now going to be a double album. 

Earlier this week, Devin announced a ‘tentative’ track listing for the new record on his Facebook page, check it out below.

“Yeeessssss! Z2 is starting to come together! The theme of the double album is Ziltoid versus the DTP, with both getting their own album. Here are the tentative song titles!

Ziltoidian Overture
From Sleep Awake
War Princess
March Of The Poozers
Silent Militia
Ziltoid Goes Home
Dimension Z

Warrior Way
Midnight Sun
Offer Your Light
Rain City
Farther On”

Devin Townsend - ‘Grace’ (From ‘The Retinal Circus’)

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